Bahrain regime violence continues

Bahraini protesters run for cover from tear gas following an anti-government rally to demand political reforms on Tuesday

Teen dies as crowds protest in Bahrain on 2nd anniversary of uprising: here.

EA WorldView blog says about this video:

A man, referring to today’s killing of teenager Hassan AlJazeeri, defies Bahrain security forces, “You killed a … kid. Shoot me, I don’t fear you”.

The second anniversary of the uprising in Bahrain was marked with violence today, with reports that a teenager was shot dead during protests in the village of Al-Daih, west of the capital Manama: here.

From Craig Murray’s blog in Britain:

The Shame of Bahrain

by craig on February 14, 2013 9:54 am

I shall be chairing a discussion at the Frontline Club this evening on Bahrain, which I hope will concentrate not only on the dreadful human rights abuses of the despotism, but on British complicity with that appalling regime, whose daily continuing abuses are now almost unreported in the mainstream media.

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