Poetry and music afternoon

This video is about Roel Weerheijm reading his poetry.

On 3 February 2013, there was a poetry and music afternoon.

Roel Weerheijm was supposed to be first on stage, but did not turn up.

So, at the start of the event there was Dorpsoudste de Jong, a poet originally from the punk movement in the Netherlands. Today, with poems on a clock and a railway.

Then, Lisan Lauvenberg; a poetess originally from Limburg province, but living in Amsterdam now. Her poems were about death.

Then, Max Lerou, a poet from The Hague.

Then, Josse Kok, with poems on monsters and other subjects.

Then, Martin Aart de Jong. One of hs poems was about blogging.

After a pause, poetry by Frans Terken from Leiden. He read poems on love and Bob Dylan.

Then, Monique van Rijn from Nieuwveen. With poems on a morning, and a baby.

Then, Leo van Zanen.

Then, yours truly, with a column on neocolonial war in Africa.

Then, Daniëlle Keizer, vocals, guitar and keyboard.

The actor Eddie Kagie  told a story from Russia.

After this, many of the poets did a second set.


7 thoughts on “Poetry and music afternoon

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