Pearl-spotted owlet and glossy starlings in Gambia

3 February 2012.

After Abuko Nature Reserve, in the afternoon to the gardens of Senegambia hotel.

Two cattle egrets near the swimming pool.

A pearl-spotted owlet on a tree.

Pearl-spotted owlet in garden of Senegambia hotel, 3 February 2012

A male beautiful sunbird.

Male beautiful sunbird

A noisy group of long-tailed glossy starlings.

Long-tailed glossy starling in Senegambia hotel garden, 3 February 2012

Also purple glossy starlings.

Two yellow-crowned gonoleks in a tree.

A broad-billed roller.

Two white-crowned robin chats near a wall.

This is a white-crowned robin-chat video.

On a lawn, black-capped babblers, and three African thrushes.

Finally, sitting on a faucet, bronze mannikin.

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