Arctic hooded seal rescued in England

From the BBC:

24 December 2011 Last updated at 16:51 GMT

Hooded seal rescued near Skegness

A seal normally found around the coast of Iceland and Canada has been rescued in Lincolnshire.

The hooded seal was spotted on the beach in Chapel St Leonards and has now been taken to the Skegness Natureland reserve.

It is the second time the seal, called Eve, has lost her way.

In August she was found by staff at a seal sanctuary in Friedrichskoog, Germany, where she was fitted with a tracking device.

Staff at the German reserve had tracked Eve across the North Sea to Scotland where she had turned and headed south to where she was eventually found in Lincolnshire.

Naturelands’ Duncan Yeadon said it was very unusual to find a hooded seal off the Lincolnshire coast.

The seal will now be fed until it reaches a healthy weight and then released back into the sea.

Hooded seal in the Netherlands: here.

“The big ice is sick”. Photographer Ragnar Axelsson captures the tragedy of the disappearing Arctic: here.

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