Poetry after five years of Iraq war

This video from Britain is called Stop the War [Coalition] AGM: Iraq and Iran – Seamus Milne.

16 March 2008, there was a poetry and film night in commemoration of five years of war in Iraq.

First, yours truly read poems about wars in Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. Then, I spoke about the official causes and real causes of the Iraq war. Then, I continued with poems about the war in Iraq.

Then, poems read by Martin Aart de Jong. They included one by Leo Vroman about peace. And one about Nepal, written by himself.

Then, Marco showed some videos from YouTube about the Iraq war; including a music video about Bush and Blair.

Then, one poem about peace in English, by Phillip from Ireland.

Then, more poems in English by Amina, originally from the USA. Her first poem was about the 1991 Gulf war. Her last, seven minutes long, poem was somewhat in the vein of Howl, by Allen Ginsberg; mentioning all sorts of aspects of what goes wrong in the USA.

Finally, a short poem in Dutch by Kees van der Kolk.

2 thoughts on “Poetry after five years of Iraq war

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