British rock band against Conservatives

This video from England is called October 2, 2011: Tory conference anti-cuts protest, Manchester.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Band distance themselves from ‘the enemy’

Wednesday 05 October 2011

Home Secretary Teresa May, not content with feline gaffes, also provoked the ire of indie rockers Primal Scream at the Tory conference in Manchester.

The band launched a furious tirade against the Tories today after they learned that Ms May chose their 1994 hit Rocks, which features explicit lyrics about drug taking and prostitution, to play at the end of her speech.

The band said: “Primal Scream are totally opposed to the coalition government, Cameron, Osborne, Gove, Howard, Clegg etc.

“They are legalised bullies, passing new laws to ensure the wealthy stay wealthy, taking the side of big business while eradicating workers’ rights and continuing their attacks on young people, single parents and OAPs by slashing education and social security budgets, in effect persecuting the poor for being poor.

“We would like to distance ourselves from this sick association.

“The Tories are waging a war on the disenfranchised.

“They are the enemy.”

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