Dipper and bullfinches

Today, to the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen nature reserve.

Near the entrance, a nuthatch whistling. Bracken growing.

A redwing in a tree. Wren sound.

Bird’s nest fungi along the footpath.

Two fallow deer.

A male great spotted woodpecker in a coniferous treetop.

In a canal, a male common goldeneye. See also photos here.

In the next canals, male and female tufted ducks and common pochards, and coots.

A sparrowhawk flying.

A skylark (see also here) flying.

A group of bullfinches, both male and female, in trees. With a few greenfinches.

In the next tree, a rare autumn visitor: a great grey shrike.

This video is called Dipper in Norrtälje, Uppland, Sweden.

A bit further, on the bank of a small canal, another rare visitor: a dipper. It has a black belly, so it is of the Scandinavian subspecies. It is not shy: though over ten birders and photographers stand on the other side of the canal just a few meter away from the bird, it quietly continues eating small water animals, then cleaning its feathers.

As we leave the reserve, a rabbit at the car park.

Finally, we are back. A group of long-tailed tits in a tree close to home.

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