Will Britain replace nuclear weapons?

This video from England is called Jeremy Corbyn MP Speaks against Trident Replacement.

Britain: Greenpeace has urged the Lib Dems to speak out against Trident after a poll of party members showed just 7 per cent support a like-for-like replacement: here.

CND in Guardian: Putting Trident in MoD budget has focused minds on whether they want a militarily useless trophy: here.

Anti-Arms campaigners CND have accused Tory Defence Minister Liam Fox of being stuck in a cold war mentality after reports he had promised the US that Britain would retain its nuclear capability: here.

Personally I am very disappointed and frustrated about what we have seen so far in regard to nuclear issues in the drafts of the so called NATO new strategic concept and I have no illusions of the final one apart from perhaps some cosmetic changes in wording: here.

BBC: Firefighters were denied access to fire by atomic weapons plant security at Aldermaston: here.

Scottish anti-nuclear campaigners called on their government today to fight Westminster’s multibillion-pound Trident replacement plans and to register Scotland as a nuclear weapons-free zone at the United Nations: here.

Cable attacks “damaging” immigration cap. Have the Lib Dems finally grown some balls? Here.

Trident warhead workers protest over pay: here.

3 thoughts on “Will Britain replace nuclear weapons?

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