Early sand lizard babies

This is a sand lizard video.

Translated from Dutch daily Trouw of today:

Sand lizards have never hatched this early as this year. The [herpetology and ichthyology] RAVON foundation reported so in a message on the web site natuurbericht.nl.

The first little sand lizard was observed on July 17. That was five days earlier than the old record of 2006 when on July 21 just one hatched baby reptile was discovered.

RAVON mentions that the early discovery, made in Gelderland province, in Montferland, was remarkable since May this year was the coldest month of May in 20 years. Depending on the weather, it is fifty to ninety days until a sand lizard egg (13 by 9 millimeters) hatches. By June and early July, however, dry, warm and sunny weather came, which made up for the disadvantage of the cold month in May. Normally the first sand lizards crawl out of their eggs in early August. The reptiles organization expects that the global warming over the next years will lead to still earlier observations.

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