White-headed duck and avocets

This is a white-headed duck video from Spain.

Today, to Starrevaart bird reserve.

At first, in the Vlietland area: blue tit; jay; buzzard; redwings; two male pheasants.

After a fire, the Starrevaart hide has been restored now. The water level on the lake is rather high. So, one of few choices for waders is the small island near the hide. It is crowded with over a hundred black-tailed godwits; scores of oystercatchers and northern lapwings; scores of black-headed gulls, with dark brown heads now that winter is officially over; a few grey lag geese; some starlings; at least one redshank; and two avocets.

Swimming not far away, tufted ducks and a female goldeneye. Later, a male goldeneye as well. Shelducks. A male and a female ruddy duck (see also here). Male and female shovelers. A moorhen. Coots.

West of the hide: wigeon. A male pochard.

On the other side of the lake, through a telescope, a white -headed duck. It is turning around its axis in the water, and dives every now and then. Two specimens of this rare species have been wintering here.

In the woodland south of the lake, a long-tailed tit.

4 thoughts on “White-headed duck and avocets

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