New solar research

This video is called Solar Dynamics Observatory: Exploring The Sun.

By Bryan Dyne:

Solar Dynamics Observatory―an eye on the Sun

13 March 2010

One month after its successful launch, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory has begun capturing high-resolution images of solar phenomena at 10-second intervals. The imaging technique makes use of advanced new mirrors originally developed to build faster computer chips, but adapted for one of the three main instruments on board the SDO, the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly.

The AIA instrument consists of an array of four telescopes that will provide a view of the Sun of unprecedented breadth and depth, taking full-disk images at 10 different wavelengths every 10 seconds. Each image will be 4096 pixels by 4096 pixels, described as “almost IMAX quality” by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, where the technology was developed using a technique called extreme ultraviolet lithography.

No Easy Pieces: Sloan Telescope Builders Battled Moths, Balky Software and Broken Mirrors: here.

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