Refugees’ suicide in Britain

This video says about itself:

Watch documentary maker Nick Broomfield’s short film, made for Amnesty International, about destitute refused asylum seekers in the UK.

By Steve James in Britain:

Russian family commits suicide after being denied asylum in UK

13 March 2010

Neighbours heard screams as Sergei Serykh, his wife Tatiana and their 21-year-old son fell from the 15th floor of a Glasgow tower block at 8:45 a.m. last Sunday morning. Their bodies hit the ground, alongside a wardrobe they used to break through netting on the landing from which they jumped. All three were killed instantly.

The family had recently been told by the UK Borders Agency (UKBA) their asylum claim had been rejected. They had been asked to leave their high rise accommodation in the city’s Red Road flats. Facing deportation or, at the very least, destitution consequent to failure to make it through the UK’s asylum machinery, the family concluded that their situation was beyond hope.

The deaths elicited a display of public sympathy. A vigil was held at the foot of the tower block in the city’s Springburn district, attended by over 100 people including local residents, current and former asylum seekers and civil rights campaigners. Among those attending was ten-year-old Precious Mhango. Precious and her mother Florence have recently won the right to a judicial review of the UKBA’s decision to deport them to Malawi.

See also here.

Russia’s Communists thrashed Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s ruling party in mayoral elections in a key Siberian city on Sunday and polled around 20 per cent in regional ballots: here.

This video from Britain is about a demonstration against deporting refugees to Congo.

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