Greek workers keep fighting

This video is called Greek workers strike 10/02/2010.

The chauvinist campaign directed against Greece by sections of the international media, and particularly the German media, has assumed an increasingly strident tone since Greek workers took to the streets in large numbers to oppose the austerity program dictated by the European Union and the banks: here.

From BusinessWeek:

Garbage strike extended amid Greek protests

ATHENS, Greece

Striking government workers in Greece say they will extend a garbage strike that has led to piles of rubbish in the streets of Athens.

The strike is part of the protests against economic austerity measures aimed at solving the country’s debt crisis.

The protesters said they will keep landfills in Athens other cities closed through Thursday.

Unions oppose a euro4.8 billion ($6.5 billion) austerity package that will hike consumer taxes and slash pay for public sector workers by up to 8 percent.

Greece’s two largest unions are planning a nationwide 24-hour strike for Thursday.

Over 10,000 people have marched through central Athens during a general strike against the government’s harsh new austerity measures, banging drums and chanting: “No sacrifice for plutocracy” and “real jobs, higher pay”: here.

2 thoughts on “Greek workers keep fighting

  1. Socialists push up sales tax

    Greece: Citizens face sales tax increases as European Union finance ministers gather in Brussels to discuss the country’s debt crisis.

    The Socialist government has increased the main sales tax from 19 to 21 per cent, as part of a 16 billion euros (£14.6bn) austerity package to cut the budget deficit by almost a third this year.

    The tax increase went into immediate effect, raising the cost of fuel and most consumer goods and services.


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