Japanese dinosaur discovery

T Rex, Warrior or Wimp? See here.

From Bob’s Dinosaurs Blog:

New Tyrannosaur Found in Japan

Monday June 22, 2009

In Japan, dinosaur fossils are about as rare as hen’s teeth. That’s why it’s such exciting news that researchers have found the teeth of a carnivorous dinosaur (likely a type of tyrannosaur) in Tamba, Hyogo Prefecture, embedded in rock strata dating back about 140 million years, to the very start of the Cretaceous period.

Judging by this as-yet-unnamed carnivore’s teeth, it probably measured about 17 feet long–which may prompt some reconsideration about the size of the earliest tyrannosaurs. Previously, it was thought that tyrannosaur precursors like Guanlong and Dilong were only modestly proportioned, plus-sized models like T. Rex appearing much later in the Cretaceous period.

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