British nazi intimidation in Carlisle

From British daily The Morning Star:

No2EU activists stand up to BNP ‘intimidation’

Sunday 10 May 2009

LEFT-WING anti-EU campaigners faced down an “aggressive and hostile” mob of British National Party (BNP) members on the streets of Carlisle on Saturday during a leafleting campaign for next month’s Euro elections.

No2EU – Yes to Democracy campaigners challenged the regular BNP leafleting session on English Street to the delight of shoppers, who stopped to praise the activists’ “courage” for standing up to the fascists.

Shortly afterwards, the police were called in by a whingeing BNP member who alleged that he had been verbally abused.

A Cumbria Police spokesman confirmed: “We attended and no arrests were made.”

Rail union RMT general secretary and No2EU convener Bob Crow said: “RMT members and No2EU supporters will not bow to intimidation from the BNP in Carlisle or anywhere else in the country.”

He said that Saturday’s incident proved that the BNP is worried about the “socialist message” of No2EU.

“No2EU is the only left-wing group challenging the BNP on the streets for the votes of the angry and the disaffected on June 4,” he declared.

“We will be stepping up our campaign in the coming weeks and offering voters a socialist alternative to the poison and hatred of the far-right.”

ASLEF union activist and No2EU candidate John Metcalfe accused BNP members of being “openly aggressive and hostile.”

“It didn’t take long before the mask slipped and they started shouting fascist slogans,” he said.

He added: “The BNP have been leafleting Carlisle city centre for months and obviously didn’t take kindly to being exposed for the fascists that they are by our campaign.”

Fellow No2EU candidate and RMT member Craig Johnson added: “I have lived and worked in and loved the city of Carlisle for 45 years. No-one is going to intimidate and harass me off the streets of my home town.”

Update 31 May 2009: here.

Update February 2010: here.

FIREFIGHTERS declared their opposition to the fascist BNP yesterday and called for intensive campaigning to get people to vote at the European elections: here.

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