Thatcherism-Blairism-Brownism kills British children

This video is called Millennium Development Goal 4 – Reduce Child Mortality.

From British weekly The Observer:

Poverty is UK’s hidden child killer

Government has failed to tackle the epidemic of chronic illness and early deaths among the most disadvantaged in society, says a new report

* Jamie Doward, home affairs editor

* Sunday August 24 2008

An ‘epidemic of poverty’ in Britain is having a dramatic impact on the survival rates and health chances of children from poor families, an influential coalition will warn this week in a major report that casts doubt on government efforts to close the inequality gap.

End Child Poverty, a 130-strong network of children’s charities, church groups, unions and think-tanks, claims that the gap between rich and poor represents a ‘huge injustice’ in British society and has become one of the major factors affecting child mortality rates.

Its report, based on a wide-ranging analysis of government data, finds that children from poor families are at 10 times the risk of sudden infant death as children from better-off homes. And it reveals how babies from disadvantaged families are more likely to be born underweight – an average of 200 grams less than children from the richest families. Poorer children are two-and-a-half times more likely to suffer chronic illness when toddlers and twice as likely to have cerebral palsy, according to the report, ‘Health Consequences of Poverty for Children’.

New Labour policies have seen health inequality grow: here.

Study published in Lancet medical journal reveals true scale of child maltreatment in UK: here.

Poverty under capitalism is ‘killing people on a grand scale’, see here.

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