Gordon Brown and Sarah Palin

Sarah Brown and Sarah Palin After Tony Blair‘s Iraq war and his lies about it; his BAe corruption; his cash for peerages scandal; his privatizations …

After Gordon Brown‘s admiration for United States neoconservative Gertrude Himmelfarb and British old Tory Margaret Thatcher

A new low for the British `new` Labour leadership.

From Socialist Unity blog in Britain:


Filed under: Labour Party — Andy Newman @ 5:11 pm

The Labour Party’s big idea is to repackage Gordon Brown as a likeable person, with a charming and capable wife. To a certain degree this follows the Americanisation of British politics, where the personality of the party leader becomes the main focus of the media’s interest.

So Sarah Brown is being pushed forward as often as possible into the glare of the cameras. Hard on the heels of the success of Gordon Brown posing with Margaret Thatcher outside 10 Downing Street, the Labour Party have decided that perhaps they can get a little magic to rub off on Gordon Brown by having his wife photographed with Sarah Palin.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that Sarah Brown is so interested in health charities that she feels the need to fly to New York to take part in a fund raiser, and just happened to be photographed with Sarah Palin? I have news for the Brown family, they don’t need to go to America to find sick people who need help.

Gordon Brown’s electoral incompetence is astounding. The genius of New Labour under Blair was to calibrate its message for the swing voters of middle England – whatever other problems there were with this strategy, it did at least work for winning elections.

So clearly this latest photo call is designed to win over those swing voters in Middle Wallop, who own a gun and a private plane, can shoot and butcher a moose, believe the world is 10000 years old, and who still think that women and men over 40 can get away with using the word “cool”. Hilary Clinton had the political wisdom to pull out of this New York fund-raiser when it was announced that Palin would be there, as Hilary knows that associating with Palin is extremely damaging with the Democrats liberal, urban vote.

While many millions of middle class Americans share Sarah Palin’s outlook to life and her beliefs, almost no British people do – and among potential Labour voters her approval rating must be almost zero, even Hazel Blears has described Palin as despicable! So what on Earth are they playing at?

Sarah Brown is from a public relations background. Not really professional this …

For Sarah Palin, it probably was the first time ever she met anyone from Britain.

9 thoughts on “Gordon Brown and Sarah Palin

  1. Posted by: “Zoltan Abraham” zsazle@yahoo.com zsazle
    Tue Sep 30, 2008 4:08 am (PDT)

    Sarah Palin has been largely sequestered from the media – and with good reason. Every time she opens her mouth, a new Palingate breaks out. The latest issue is whether or not Palin approved of cross-border raids into Pakistan, in contradiction to John McCain’s stated policy, in response to a question she was asked at a restaurant.

    Katie Couric interviews Palin about the restaurant exchange – but this time Sarah brings her chaperon:

    In the course of this new interview, John McCain (the chaperon) states:
    “President Clinton was a governor of a very small state that had no experience either.”

    Nice admission! Sarah Palin has no experience. I’m glad you’ve come to see the light, John!

    BTW, CBS is said to be holding on to another clip from the first Couric interview, in which Sarah Palin is unable to name any Supreme Court decisions, except for Roe v Wade. I hope they release the clip soon – just in time for the debate on Thursday…

    Matt Damon doesn’t like Sarah either:

    Hockey Moms are also closing ranks against Palin in this satire:

    Watch the ad about McCain’s health that TV stations are refusing to air:

    And finally, an excellent ad from Obama on golden parachutes:

    McCain – Palin
    Unstable – Unable
    Unfit to lead!


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