Schwarzenegger threatens Californian workers

This video from the USA is called Arnold Schwarzenegger parody – Terminator Musical.

By Kim Saito:

California governor threatens to reduce state workers’ pay to minimum wage

28 July 2008

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has threatened to sign an executive order next week to slash the salaries of nearly three-quarters of the state’s 275,000 employees down to $6.55 an hour, the federal minimum wage, or $1.45 below the California minimum of $8.00 an hour.

Schwarzenegger’s draconian threat is aimed at punishing state workers because California has deadlocked over a new budget to resolve the $15.2 billion deficit.

The 200,000 affected workers include a cross section of professionals and workers, from university faculty and investors for the state retirement fund, to health care and clerical staff. Schwarzenegger claims the cuts would give the state $1.2 billion per month to use after it runs out of cash in September.

In addition, the order would immediately lay off 21,855 part-time state employees, halt all overtime pay, and cease all hiring, supposedly generating another $100 million.

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Schwarzenegger cartoon: here.

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