New catfish, cichlid, discovered in Brazil

This video is called Swimming with fish in Paraty, Brazil.

From Practical Fishkeeping:

Scientists from Brazil have described a new Trichomycterus catfish with an unusual shape from southern Brazil.

The new species, named Trichomycterus crassicaudatus by catfish experts Wolmar Wosiacki and Mário de Pinna in the latest issue of the journal Copeia, represents a new body shape for the family Trichomycteridae.

Also from Practical Fishkeeping:

Brazilian scientists have described a new species of cichlid in the genus Australoheros from southeastern Brazil.

The description of Australoheros ribeirae by Felipe Ottoni, Osvaldo Oyakawa and Wilson Costa is published in the most recent issue of the journal Vertebrate Zoology.

2 thoughts on “New catfish, cichlid, discovered in Brazil

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