21 year old tawny owl in England

This video is about a tawny owl.

From Wildlife Extra:

21 year old owl breaking records in Kielder

June 2008. Experts are amazed over the reappearance of a record breaking tawny owl in Kershope Forest in Cumbria, part of 155,000-acre Kielder Forest.

Ringed in 1987

Last year the Forestry Commission reported that the oldest breeding female ever found in the wild in the UK had been discovered in the remote woodland, north east of Longtown, near the border with both Scotland and Northumberland. She was ringed as a chick in 1987, which made her an astonishing 20 years old – four times the average life expectancy of a tawny in the wild.

Still laying

But now she’s back – and last month celebrated her 21st birthday! And almost unbelievably, she has laid three more eggs, which have hatched into healthy young chicks using a purpose built nest box. If she can steer clear of trouble until October, she will become the oldest tawny owl ever recorded in Britain – a record currently held by a male found freshly dead in North Yorkshire in the 1988 (aged 21 years, 5 months and 13 days).

Tawny owls turn brown to survive in warmer climates, according to scientists in Finland: here.

This video is called Female Tawny Owl turning eggs.

YouTube video — Male Tawny Owl stops female leaving nest: here.

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