New white-eye bird discovered in Indonesia

This is a video of a Japanese white-eye (Zosterops japonica) nibbling at a piece of apple.

From Wildlife Extra:

New Bird Species Discovered on Indonesian Island

March 2008. Ornithologists have announced the discovery of a new species of bird from the Togian Islands of Indonesia – Zosterops somadikartai, or Togian white-eye, in the March edition of The Wilson Journal of Ornithology.

The announcement of a new bird comes with a twist: It’s a white-eye, but its eye isn’t white. However, what the new bird lacks in literal qualities it makes up for as one of the surprises that nature still has tucked away in little-explored corners of the world. Its eye isn’t ringed in a band of white feathers like its cousins who flock in other remote tropical islands of Indonesia. Yet it does have many features in common with the black-crowned white-eye Zosterops atrifrons of Sulawesi, which is clearly its closest relative, said Michigan State University’s Pamela Rasmussen, an internationally known ornithologist specializing in Asian birds.

I still remember a relative of this new species, the silvereye, from the South Island of New Zealand; and from Subantarctic Campbell Island.

White-eyes form new species faster than any other bird: here.

2 thoughts on “New white-eye bird discovered in Indonesia

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