Uranium mining plans threaten Grand Canyon in the USA

This video from the USA says about itself:


Poison wind is a documentary that examines the devastation of the aboriginal homelands of indigenous people from the 1940s until today. Set against the Grand Canyon and indigenous landscape of the Desert Southwest, “Poison Wind” focuses on human costs of uranium mining, including the effects of radiation on the local population.

From British daily The Independent:

British firm under attack for mining near Grand Canyon

Activists say the US Forest Service should not have given mining the go-ahead

By Michael McCarthy, Environment Editor

Friday, 14 March 2008

A British mining company is at the centre of a row over uranium mining near the Grand Canyon, the great American landmark which is one of the world’s most celebrated preserved areas.

US environmentalists have launched a legal challenge to permission given to the British firm Vane Minerals to drill for uranium in the Kaibab National Forest in Arizona, which borders the canyon on both north and south sides.

URANIUM MINING NEAR GRAND CANYON? Just over a year after taking credit for an Obama-era effort to protect land near the Grand Canyon from uranium and other hard rock mining, the Trump administration is voicing opposition to legislation that would permanently safeguard the same area. [HuffPost]

Grand Canyon Flood Created New Sandbars: here.

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