British peace movement protests Condoleezza Rice visit, 6 February

From the USA, this is a ‘Funny George Bush and Condoleezza Video Clip’ .

From the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Action Alert: Condoleezza Rice in London

Join the protest on Wednesday 6th February

Condoleezza Rice is meeting with Gordon Brown on Wednesday 6 February and Stop the War Coalition is organising a protest to ensure she knows she is not welcome here.

When Rice visited the UK in 2006 it turned into a public relations fiasco, as anti-war protestors followed her everywhere she went . We aim to do the same this time.

We do not yet have details of Rice‘s meetings with Gordon Brown but we anticipate that our protest will be at Downing Street, the timing to be announced on our website as soon as her plans are known.

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Update 7 February 2008: here.

See also here.

British army is ‘sick’ from Iraq & Afghan campaigns: here.

British Prince Andrew rebukes US over Iraq war: here.

5 thoughts on “British peace movement protests Condoleezza Rice visit, 6 February

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