British government chummy with Pakistani dictator Musharraf

This video from CNN in the USA is called Bhutto from the grave: Blame Musharraf.

From British daily The Morning Star:

Relying on a dictator

(Monday 28 January 2008)

NO-ONE can take seriously Gordon Brown‘s po-faced assertion that he told Pakistani military dictator Pervez Musharraf that credible elections are “essential” in that country.

“Or what?” the self-styled president might well have responded if he wanted to test the Prime Minister’s resolve.

He must have known, as do the rest of us, that Mr Brown’s only riposte would have been “Oh, or nothing.”

The general, whether in uniform or mufti, has made himself indispensable to Washington in its efforts to impose its military superiority in central Asia.

Mr Brown himself refers to General Musharraf as a “key ally in combating terrorism and extremism,” which means that, free elections or not, his position in Pakistan will not be questioned by the imperialist allies.

The general appreciates this, which is why he plays along with the democracy chat, while knowing that he will do nothing to further weaken his already shaky position.

While he may tell Mr Brown that “all electoral processes are in place to ensure transparent, credible polling,” he will allow no such election to take place because, in any free expression of the Pakistani people’s will, this quisling mountebank would be sent packing.

His backing is concentrated at the highest level of the armed forces and he depends on aid from the US and Britain to keep the top brass on side.

Just like with dictator Suharto in Indonesia … etc… etc.

MUSHARRAF IS DOING BUSH’S JOB! – say 8,000 Pakistani demonstrators outside Downing Street: here.

Scotland Yard’s report on Bhutto assassination; Britain again comes to Musharraf’s aid: here.

Musharraf loses elections: here.

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