Great egret and geese, geese, geese

This is a Dutch TV video about the Naardermeer.

Today to the Naardermeer, since over a century the oldest nature reserve in the Netherlands.

As we apprached it on bicycles, we heard a buzzard call; a species which we would see several times later. Over a hundred grey lag geese flying over, calling. Some of the flocks of those brownish geese had one white goose or more flying among them. Like in the story by Swedish author Selma Lagerlöf [see also here] about Nils Holgersson and the white goose Martin, probably tame geese gone wild.

A few minutes later: a tufted duck female with five ducklings in a ditch.

Trying to catch insects in the air: swifts, house martins, and barn swallows.

After our walk, on our way back to the cycling track: many greylag geese, a shelduck. And a great egret on the bank of a marsh.

Later, scores of rooks in a meadow.

Geese of the Capitol of Rome: here.

3 thoughts on “Great egret and geese, geese, geese

  1. A few years ago Canada Geese were an occasional thrilling sight in Northern California. Now there are thousands of them here. They are considered pests, much like wild turkeys. Turkeys had not been seen around here in twenty years. Then, about ten years ago, they began to reappear. Now they are common even in the suburbs. I have no idea what these population explosions represent. I’m told that the turkeys are harming snake and lizard populations.


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