Australian London bomb victim says get Australian troops out of Iraq

This video is called [Australian] Government admits oil is the reason for war in Iraq.

“To everyone who does not believe oil is the reason we are in Iraq! Hot from the ABC news one hour ago.

Strangely (or maybe not) channel 7 and 9 ignored this news story.

So close to an election John Howard has found himself back peddling,(again). Thankfully for Australians who are paying attention to the news so far only one channel has reported the event that in no uncertain terms breaks apart any misconception as to why Australia was/is involved in Iraq. With so many lies, and countless (George Bush has made it illegal to keep an official death count) deaths of innocent Iraqi people, and the needless deaths and injuries of thousands of soldiers, all it has come down to is OIL. What a surprise…”.

From the New Zealand Herald:

Suicide bombing victim begs Howard to get Australia out of Iraq

5:08PM Friday July 06, 2007

SYDNEY – Two years after a suicide bomber left her with a broken neck, burns and bruises, Australian Louise Barry’s wounds are healing and her determination to stamp out terrorism is growing.

But her concerns are again giving pause for thought to Prime Minister John Howard, who was embarrassed when he went to the bombing victim’s bedside in a London hospital almost two years ago.

On that occasion, Ms Barry asked Mr Howard: “Do you think the reason these attacks keep happening, at least in part, is because of our involvement in the war in Iraq?”.

In a new television commercial launched today, Ms Barry again asks Mr Howard if the war in Iraq is to blame for her suffering and for continuing terrorist attacks.

On July 7, 2005, 29-year-old Ms Barry suffered a broken neck, burns and bruises in the explosion that ripped through her London bus on the way to work.

Now 31, the well-spoken marketing professional, who claims to have no political alignment, appears in a heartfelt commercial pleading for Mr Howard to withdraw Australian troops from Iraq.

She hopes the ad will play some part in helping prevent further terrorist attacks.

“I’ve had a direct experience with terrorism and I feel really strongly about my government’s policies … the war in Iraq is not helping,” Ms Barry told reporters in Sydney.

“Violence only begets more violence. It’s time that we think about some other solutions.

“Our involvement is not doing the Iraqis any good or doing our nation’s reputation any good.”

Howard compared to Hitler: here.

London bombing trial: here.

Noam Chomsky on the international situation: here. And here.

6 thoughts on “Australian London bomb victim says get Australian troops out of Iraq

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  6. TONY BLAIR dared to show his face at the July 7 memorial service yesterday, after insisting that the Iraq war was not a major catalyst for terror attacks.

    The warmonger and former Labour prime minister attended with his barrister wife Cherie to commemorate the deaths of 52 people in four suicide bomb attacks in 2005.

    Along with other politicians and various royals, Prime Minister David Cameron was also present at the 10-year anniversary of the bloodshed on the Underground and a number 30 bus.

    Mr Blair has come under fire for saying that the Iraq invasion in 2003 did not incite terrorist attacks on the West.

    Stop the War Coalition spokesman Ian Chamberlain said: “Tony Blair’s suggestion that you can bomb and devastate country after country with no repercussions is ridiculous.

    “Since 2001, we have argued that waging wars on predominantly Muslim populations abroad would produce Islamophobia and extremism in Britain.”

    Mr Cameron has not escaped criticism, as anti-war campaigners blame his Tory cronies for spying on Muslims through their new Prevent strategy. He is also accused of playing down links between terror at home and wars abroad.

    “On the anniversary of July 7, we must remember the victims of this appalling attack,” Mr Chamberlain added. “But we must also commit to tackling the root causes of terrorism and, in the main, these are our government’s foreign policy and its attack on the civil liberties of the Muslim population here in Britain.”

    A memorial to the 52 people killed in the attacks on July 7 2005 was unveiled in Hyde Park.


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