UK: “Harry’s Place” blog, RIP?

This video from the USA says about itself: ‘Youth from the Summer of Resistance along with CodePink Greet Tony Blair at the White House and urge him to Stop Being Bush’s Poodle and Withdraw British Troops from Iraq.’

In the UK, “Harry’s Place” blog seems to be gone.

The following message was there (and may still be there now):

This Account Has Been Suspended

Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible.

That was all.

Maybe this is just a temporary technical problem.

Or maybe that blog is really gone forever.

If that would be true, there is not really more reason to mourn its passing than the passing of the bigot Jerry Fallwell.

Maybe even less, as this is not a flesh and blood person with flesh and blood relatives.

“Harry’s Place” was founded by someone calling himself “Harry Steele” (not his real name).

He had been banned from discussion lists for trolling.

Harry’s Place labeled itself “the decent Left”; however, usually its contents were neither decent nor Leftish; just as Fallwell’s “Moral Majority” was neither moral nor a majority.

They were supportive of the Iraq war and other pet projects of US neo-conservatives, Bush, and Blair, with often only the supportive rhetoric being somewhat different.

When the blog started before the Iraq war, “Harry” sometimes still had a faint more or less “Left” criticism of Blairite policies, like of their attack on striking firefighters, including some of Harry’s own family, as he wrote then.

However, once the Iraq war started, the blog became definitely a prop for the powers that be.

It promoted bigotry against immigrants, particularly from Muslim countries.

“Harry” himself stopped being the main author, and his successors went from bad to worse.

Until now, death … death for just a small period, or for ever. I don’t know yet.

As their ‘hero’, Tony Blair, disappears … and the house of cards of lies of the indecent Right about the Iraq war crumbles down more and more …

UPDATE 18 May: the site seems to be back … for now …

Harry’s Place racism scandal, August 2010: here.

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