Why so many subjects in this blog?

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Here comes the last answer to the last item of the list of questions on my blog:

Question: You cover a wide range of subjects. Do you think it would be easier to blog about one subject area or do you have to let your mind wander wherever it goes?

Answer: In one sense it might be easier. However, it would not be so easy then to keep up regular blogging, as, if one limits oneself to a relatively small subject area, on some days there might just not be any news on that subject area.

Or there might be one item, but one might on that day not feel like blogging about it … however, blogging on another subject on that day might feel OK.

So, the wide range helps with regularity. I hope that sometimes connections between various subjects, eg, like war/peace and art, or economic and social structures and art, become clear in my blog.

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