French Presidential candidate Sarkozy’s links to Italian neo-fascists

Sarkozy shakes hands with Italian neo-fascist Duce FiniThe French Presidential candidate of the ‘moderate’ Right, Nicolas Sarkozy, turns out to have close links to the Alleanza Nazionale (National Alliance), the Italian neo-fascist party.

This is the direct successor of the post war neo-fascists of the MSI, successors to the National Fascist Party of dictator Benito Mussolini.

MSI was both a reference to the Italian Social Republic, a Nazi puppet state in northern Italy also known as the Republic of Salò, and could also mean “Mussolini sei immortale”, or “Mussolini, you are immortal”.

Still in 1994, Fini, leader of the Alleanza Nazionale, then a minister in a coalition government under Berlusconi, here on a photo with Sarkozy, praised Mussolini as “the greatest statesman of the twentieth century”.

5 thoughts on “French Presidential candidate Sarkozy’s links to Italian neo-fascists

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