Big flock of white-shouldered ibis in Cambodia

White-shouldered ibis

From BirdLife:

Largest White-shouldered Ibis flock recorded


Record numbers of the Critically Endangered White-shouldered Ibis have been recorded at two sites in Cambodia, giving conservationists further hope for the survival of the species and renewed calls for further protection of its key habitats.

This month BirdLife’s Cambodia Programme Office and staff from the Wildlife Protection Office (WPO) recorded a staggering 108 birds at two sites in western Siem Pang District in Stung Treng Province, Cambodia.

At the first site, 28 birds were recorded in trees by forest wetlands known locally as trapeangs.

Later that day, at another site in the southern part of the district, 80 birds were seen coming in to roost – this is the largest flock of White-shouldered Ibis ever recorded.

In 2005 BirdLife and the WPO recorded 70 White-shouldered Ibis at wetlands in western Siem Pang.

The recent sightings confirm the international importance of Siem Pang for the ibis.

The global population of White-shouldered Ibis was previously estimated at just 250 mature individuals.

Crested ibis in Asia: here.

3 thoughts on “Big flock of white-shouldered ibis in Cambodia

  1. Second crested ibis found injured after possible attack by bird of prey

    An injured crested ibis found on Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture was apparently injured by a bird of prey – the second case of its kind in a week, the Environment Ministry said. The ibis, released into the wild by the ministry in September 2009, is being treated at the Sado Japanese Crested Ibis Conservation Center but is not in critical condition, officials said Saturday. The 4-year-old male was found hurt in a lotus field about 200 meters from its roosting site early Saturday.

    (Japan Times, Jan 16)


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