USA: Republican wants Castro murdered

Pat Robertson, cartoonFrom PEEK blog in the USA:

Republican congresswoman calls for assassination of Castro [VIDEO]

Posted by Evan Derkacz at 1:10 PM on December 4, 2006.

In the video to the right, from 638 Ways to Kill Castro, Florida Republican Ileana Ros-Lehtinen “welcomes” the possibility that Fidel Castro should be assassinated.

She goes on to expand her calls for vigilante justice to “any leader who is oppressing the people…”

Geez, that’s a fairly wide net. No judge, no jury, just the will of “anyone” who believes their leader is oppressive. I don’t want to invite late night knocks on the door, but…

The irony of this call for the assassination of Castro is that the Executive Order that prohibits the assassination of foreign leaders, No. 12333113, came about as a result of an investigation into a series of covert assassination attempts in the 50s and 60s — one of which targeted Fidel Castro

Ms Ros-Lehtinen probably got infected by her fellow Republican, religious Right wingnut Pat Robertson, who called for murdering president Hugo Chavez of Venezuela.

Lunatics? Certainly.

Lunatic fringe?

Well … err .. without Robertson and Ros-Lehtinen (and without electoral fraud), George W Bush would not have become president in 2000 and 2004.

Ms Ros-Lehtinen instead of inciting to capital crime should do something about the electoral fraud in her own Florida.

However, it is doubtful whether she will, considering her connections to those other wingnuts, the ‘church’ of Scientology, involved in many fraud scandals … including with people ending up dead …

Any connection between Ms Ros-Lehtinen’s bloodthirstyness and Scientological ‘Fair Game‘ policy?

Update: here.

Robertson: Bush not Islamophobic enough: here.

4 thoughts on “USA: Republican wants Castro murdered

  1. Executive Action:
    634 Ways to Kill Fidel Castro
    By Fabián Escalante
    Executive Action: 634 Ways to Kill Fidel Castro, By Fabián Escalante

    The Secret War series

    In a highly readable and informative style, Fabián Escalante reviews over four decades of attempts to kill Fidel Castro—involving weapons that ranged from exploding cigars and poison pens to grenades and bazookas. As the former director of Cuban counterintelligence, Escalante played a significant role in frustrating many of these assassination plans, made by the CIA and the Mafia under a project codenamed “Executive Action.”

    Although melodramatic and at times quite comical, these plots were deadly serious—and illegal, as subsequent U.S. government inquiries such as the 1975 Church Commission concluded.

    Softcover, 231pp, The Secret War Series


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