Poetry slam, third phase of first round

This 2014 video is about poet Martin Aart de Jong.

On 7 November, the third part of the first round of the slam poetry tournament was in the theatre.

Poets participating were Martin Aart de Jong, Peter van den Berg (winner of the audience award in 2005), Rik van Boekel (winner of the jury award in 2004), Wouter Ydema, and David Boelee.

And Olivier van Nooten from The Hague, added later to make the number six again after one withdrawal.

In between, two music acts.

First, Flux Gallery: a bass player and a guitar player, both doing vocals.

Then, Renee Stevense, on vocals and big standing bass.

She used to be bass guitar player in Lovecramps, more or less the successor of Miami Beach Girls, both all women more or less punk rock bands.

Miami Beach Girls played together with my band then, in Paradiso in Amsterdam and elsewhere.

Later, I managed to get Lovecramps gigs, at Paradiso supporting UK Subs, and elsewhere.

Among the subjects of poems: Prime Minister Balkenende, by Rik van Boekel; gulls in Leiden, by Peter van den Berg; the Schiphol fire, by Olivier van Nooten; clairvoyants, by David Boelee.

The jury decided David Boelee would proceed to the final round.

So did the audience vote; meaning that the number two in the audience vote, Peter van den Berg, would also proceed to the final round.

2 thoughts on “Poetry slam, third phase of first round

  1. Hi Kitty, I must say I’m flattered you listen to my poetry, but I can’t recall saying anything about the schiphol incident. Ciao, Olivier van Nooten


  2. Hi, it is over half a year ago, so I can’t remember exactly. Do you have a poem on the Schiphol fire at all, which you may have forgotten about reading on that occasion; or did I confuse you with someone else who did have a poem on that subject?


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