Britain: cartoon book by Steve Bell on Tony Blair

Steve Bell cartoon on Blair and Iraq war

From London daily The Morning Star:

Skewed vision

(Tuesday 07 November 2006)

BOOK: My Vision For A New You by Steve Bell
(Methuen, £12.99)

DANIEL COYSH marvels at Steve Bell’s uncanny ability to portray our wild-eyed premier in his comical cartoons.

GIVEN Tony Blair‘s penchant for combining new age twaddle with horrific egomania, it seems only natural that he would bring out a self-help book sooner or later. My Vision For A New You is that book.

Blair promises to pass on a number of techniques that will enable you to remain relentlessly positive in the face of reality, using the “thoughtful blend of metaphors, rhetoric and idealisation exercises” contained in his manual.

Now for the good news. This book isn’t really written by Blair at all, but rather by arguably the greatest living political cartoonist Steve Bell.

Seen alongside the compilations of his superlative If comic strips, this handsome volume could be seen merely as an excuse to showcase Bell’s incredible editorial cartoons and full colour set pieces.

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