Venezuela, Oliver Stone plans film on 2002 anti-Chavez coup

This video is the film “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.

This Sunday, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela said that United States film director Oliver Stone is planning to make a movie on the failed 2002 coup d’etat in Venezuela.

There already is a, documentary, film on this Rightist attempt to replace democratically elected Chavez with a military dictatorship: The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.

The coup failed because of mass demonstrations to reinstate Chavez.

The film, “South of the Border“, paints a sympathetic portrait of a leader Stone says has helped the poor and who has been unfairly demonised by the US media: here.

13 thoughts on “Venezuela, Oliver Stone plans film on 2002 anti-Chavez coup

  1. Right, left….who cares?..Nobody could be more dictator than Chavez himself. It seems that Mr. Stone´s habits about drugs and alcohol are driving him to get money from this monster. I am pro-leftist and liberal, but Chavez is not even close to the idea about been a left wing politician, and I am talking about a responsible left wing as the one in France, Spain, Chile. Chavez is a person plenty of hate to the people he thinks are different…Is that the idea about a a leftist person? He is just doing the same or even worst things than the people that he says is different.
    Mr. Stone I like your movies and the ideas you projected back in the 80´s, but…being close to that assasin Fidel Castro and now Chavez…is that really you? is hard to believe. Keep away from them…keep away from Bush…keep away from the Republicans religious fanatics, but please, open your eyes with these guys over there in Latin America…please…do not.
    Americans: Hands off from Latin America, and that is also for you Mr. Stone


  2. Hi Jose, there are some contradictions in your reaction. “I am pro-leftist and liberal”; and then “Right, left….who cares?” contradict each other. The people of Chile, which you mention, cared very much when Pinochet had so many people murdered in the stadium in Santiago. Today, the Chilean Socialist Party, though in government, still fears the Pinochet supporters in the armed forces; so, they do not dare, unfortunately, to take similar measures as President Allende did.

    The people of Venezuela by their mass demostrations have prevented a Pinochet-style government in their country when the Right tried their coup d’etat.


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