Iraq war: dead British soldier’s father accuses Blair

Bush vs. Cindy Sheehan on Iraq war, cartoon

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Betrayed by Blair

(Thursday 24 November 2005)

ANOTHER British soldier has been sacrificed in Iraq on the altar of the British government’s subservience to Washington.

And the Prime Minister has put on his serious face to go through the motions of expressing condolences to the family of Sergeant John Jones for their loss.

Like so many military families, the Jones family has reacted with scorn to Tony Blair’s specious words of regret, throwing them back in the Premier’s face and accusing him of sacrificing their loved one in an “unjust war.”

Sgt Jones’s father recognises, as soldiers’ families in the US and Britain regularly point out, that those killing and dying in the bloodbath that is Iraq are not the sons and daughters of the well-heeled slick politicians who took the decision to invade.

Youngsters from working-class areas that have lost the shipyards, engineering factories, steelworks, coal mines and other workplaces that provided relatively well-paid, lifetime jobs are often faced with a choice between McJobs paying a pittance or joining the armed forces.

US woman soldier opposes Bush’s war: here.

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