Naturalis museum in Leiden, reconstruction videos

A museum in Leiden, the Netherlands, the Naturalis natural history museum, has been closed for reconstruction for years. On 31 August it will re-open. Not only the new dinosaur hall with Tyrannosaurus rex Trix will be there. And not only a new hall, called ‘seduction’; about the love life of plants and animals. These videos shows other sides of the re-opened museum. The video on top shows big animals in the collection, like a sunfish.

This 24 July 2019 video is about a mammoth skeleton being brought to its new spot in the new Ice Age hall.

This 24 July 2019 video is about the fossil Stegosaurus and Camarasaurus brought to the new dinosaur hall. The Tyrannosaurus rex Trix, on a world tour then, followed later.

This 24 July 2019 video is about Naturalis biggest whale skeleton being affixed to the ceiling.

This 1 August 2019 is about a new hall about how animals die; like a red fox killing a duck.

This 17 June 2019 Dutch language video is about Naturalis’ new laboratory halls.

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