4 thoughts on “Tunisians keep fighting austerity

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  3. Tunisian demonstration broken up by police

    Workers and youth marched in the southern Tunisian town of Metlaoui in the governorate of Gafsa on Sunday. They were protesting the high levels of unemployment and demanded jobs. The state-owned phosphate company Gafsa had just released the results of a recruitment drive—leaving many disappointed.

    Police broke up the demonstration using tear gas. Police also clashed with protesters in the town of Mdihal in the region over the same issue. Unemployment in Tunisia is running at over 15 percent; for youth the rate is 30 percent.



  4. TUNISIA: President Beji Caid Essebsi said yesterday he will legislate to give women equal inheritance rights to men “as soon as possible.”

    Currently daughters inherit typically about half what sons do under a system based on sharia law.

    The proposal is a recommendation from a recent government report that also advocates legalising homosexuality and abolishing the death penalty.



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