Dwarf planet Pluto, best ever photos

Close-up of mountains of Pluto

This NASA photo of today shows a close-up view of mountains on Pluto. There are no visible impact craters, NASA said, suggesting that the dwarf planet may be relatively young.

By David Freeman & Eliza Sankar-Gorton in the USA:

Dazzling New Pluto Photos Are The Best Ever Taken Of The Icy Dwarf Planet

07/15/2015 3:34 pm EDT Updated: 23 minutes ago

One day after its historic flyby of Pluto and almost a decade since its launch, NASA’s New Horizons space probe has delivered what we’ve all been waiting for: eye-popping photos of the dwarf planet and its moons.

(Scroll down to see the photos.)

NASA seemed to have trouble tamping down its excitement over the detailed images. “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” the space agency tweeted late last night.

They weren’t kidding–just have a look.

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