Astronomy Day, 25 April

This video from the USA is called 365 Days of Astronomy.

From the California Academy of Sciences in the USA:

We’re teaming up with NASA to celebrate Astronomy Day this Saturday, April 25! Touch a meteorite, learn about telescopes, observe the 3D nature of constellations, and more.

Explore Your Universe at the Academy

April 25 is Astronomy Day—an international celebration of space. This year, the Academy will explore the past, present, and future of space observation. Discover the wonders of the cosmos with special programing all day long.

Event highlights:

• Join us for PLUTO-PALOOZA, an epic celebration of space exploration with partners from NASA and SETI.

• Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Space Telescope with Hubble-themed Hohfeld Hall shows.

• Test your space smarts with a Cosmic Quiz Show.

• Catch our newest award-winning show, Habitat Earth, in Morrison Planetarium, our 75-foot digital immersive dome and gain new perspective about our own planet.

Click for More Astronomy Day Events here.

5 thoughts on “Astronomy Day, 25 April

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