Planet Mars, new research

This video says about itself:

Mars Atmosphere Loss Mystery: Probe Will Investigate

July 18, 2013

NASA’s MAVEN mission’s Neutral Gas Ion Mass Spectrometer will look at how matter interacts with the solar wind in the Martian atmosphere. This data could reveal why the formally wet Red Planet has become the barren world we see today. — MAVEN mission gallery here.

16 thoughts on “Planet Mars, new research

  1. Dear Kitty,
    How wonderfully kind you are to link to my Mars Maven Haiku. I’ve been writing haiku since I was a kid, and had a map of Mars up on my bedroom wall too. It would be wonderful to get one up in space, and I appreciate this more than you know. :0)


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  3. Study: Earth to be livable 2-3 billion years more,
    but not for all:
    A move to Mars might make sense should we be around
    in a distant future, scientists say.

    * Life’s ingredients could form through cometary
    impact, study finds:
    While past studies have suggested a comet could
    bring some ingredients of life to Earth, new
    research goes further.


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