Poetry night in Amsterdam

This is a Martijn den Bakker poetry slam video.

24 January 2008, there was a poetry night in the Figurantenbar in Amsterdam, for the first time there.

The first poet on stage was Bram Waard, with love poems.

Then, Hans Jaspers, with poems about love, and about religion.

Then, Rick Elenbaas. His poems included one about Werther, by Goethe.

After a pause, there were four songs by singer, songwriter, and guitarist Monique Mijnals from Amsterdam. Some of her songs were in her native Surinamese (Sranan Tongo) language; some in English. Her first song, in Sranan Tongo, was about her sister who had died.

Then, poems by yours truly. Subjects included the war in Iraq, love, and a lady beetle.

Then, Simon Mulder, with sonnets reminiscent of the nineteenth century in style.

Finally, Yiri T. Kohl. His last poem was about the aeroplane disaster in the Bijlmer in Amsterdam in 1992.

The jury decided to give Yiri T. Kohl the third prize. The second prize was for Rick Elenbaas. And the first prize was for yours truly.

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