Postal workers attacked by dogs


From daily The Morning Star in England:

Campaigners call for reform of dangerous dog legislation

Monday 13 June 2011

Dozens of animal charities, enforcement agencies and trade unions joined forces today to pressure the government to reform dangerous dogs laws.

The Communication Workers Union (CWU) said today that 6,000 postal workers and 400 telecom engineers are attacked by out of control dogs every year and very few are able to bring a successful prosecution.

Union general secretary Billy Hayes said: “The government must listen to the expert organisations which have all agreed a better way forward on responsible dog ownership.

“It’s time the government brought forward some positive legislation to protect working people and this is it.”

CWU is among 20 other organisations calling for dog control legislation reform to be taken forward in a governmental Dog Control Bill.

Postal union the CWU reacted angrily on Friday as the government broke its promise “yet again” to strengthen the law on dangerous dogs: here.

GO FOR a bracing winter stroll in a major US city and you will be inhaling more than vehicle fumes. A new study has demonstrated for the first time that during winter most of the airborne bacteria in three large Midwestern cities come from dog faeces: here.

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