Pro-democracy struggles continue

This video is called Anger grows against Yemen’s ruler.

Yemen saw massive demonstrations against US-backed President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Saturday as crowds tens of thousands strong clashed with security forces: here.

Massive crowd turns out to bury Yemen ‘martyrs’: here.

Bahrain‘s opposition pleaded today for UN intervention in the government crackdown on protests trying to loosen the monarchy’s grip.

Bahrain medics recount hospital horror: here.

Zaid Jilani, Think Progress: “One of the major factors in the success so far of the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ — the wave of pro-democracy revolts across the Middle East — has been the empowering international press coverage of the protests. Yet in recent weeks, this coverage in the United States has been overwhelmingly focused on just one country where these revolts are occurring — Libya. While the events in Libya, where rebels are battling the Qaddafi dictatorship, certainly merit coverage, the American press has unfortunately failed to provide the same detailed coverage to the events in Yemen and Bahrain, two U.S. allies where mostly nonviolent protesters are being brutally put down by the armed forces in those countries”: here.

2 thoughts on “Pro-democracy struggles continue

  1. ‘Coup arrests’ as opposition rallies

    SENEGAL: The Dakar government claimed today that it had arrested a number of people and foiled an attempted coup just hours before thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets on Saturday, but opposition leaders said the accusations were aimed at undercutting the demonstrations.

    President Abdoulaye Wade is facing popular frustration because of daily power cuts and rising costs.


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