Dictator Mubarak stepping down?

This video from the USA is about Noam Chomsky on Egypt, Hosni Mubarak and US American support for dictatorship in Egypt (25-01-11).

From Crooks and Liars in the USA:

February 10, 2011 10:00 AM

NBC News: Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak will step down

Al Jazeera is reporting that the military will take control of the government. Other stations are reporting a handover to Vice President Omar Suleiman.

More details here.

If bloodstained dictator Mubarak will indeed quit tonight, that would be victory for the Egyptian mass pro-democracy movement. However, victory would be incomplete if Omar Suleiman, Mubarak’s torturer in chief, and the rest of the dictatorial regime would not be swept away as well.

Egypt: Tahrir Square Holds Its Breath for Mubarak Announcement: here.

CBS News: Tahrir protester: “Suleiman is of the same womb as Mubarak, the womb of oppression. There will be no real change if Suleiman is in power.”

Strikes in Egypt spread to transportation workers: here.

“People Have Found Their Voice”: Acclaimed Egyptian Writer Ahdaf Soueif on Uprising in Egypt: here.

Twitter: Just got home from Tahrir to rest for a while & go back.. people are ecstatic. Numbers close to 2 million & masses still going in.

Leaders in the West maligning the struggle of Egyptian workers as “chaos”; they prefer the “stability” of dictators: here.

In Egypt, Mubarak Prepares to Cede Power, Torture Stories Emerge and the Revolution Finds a Hero in Wael Ghonim: here.

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