Israelis demonstrate against Dutch xenophobe Wilders

This is a video about a demonstration against Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

Press release, Dec. 4, 2010 [with hyperlinks added, like usually at this blog]

The following alert was sent out by activists of different Israeli peace and human rights groups, themselves originally from Holland.

Demo, Sunday, December 5, in Tel-Aviv — beginning 4pm


The Dutch politician Geert Wilders is thriving on Islamophobia and holds the present right-wing Dutch government hostage. Now he comes here at the invitation of KM Aryeh Eldad – to preach his “Jordan is Palestine” ideas. Yes, he is the one behind that internet hate film “Fitna”.

Let’s show that we don’t need him here.

TIME: Sunday, 05.12.10, 4pm (to be there for the arriving participants to see)

PLACE: In front of the Israel Jafa Center, Tel Aviv – Ganei Yehoshua Park, Sderot Rokach 80 (north of the Yarkon).

HOW TO GET THERE: less than 1 kilometer eastward from the corner of the Namir Road– Rokach Avenue

Dan buses coming close to the Center: 21, 28, 28, 48

Egged bus to the Namir Road: 74


Slogan idea (but you will be able to make your own text at the spot):


and also something in Dutch:


Inviting you: Israeli activists of Dutch origin:

Chana Arnon, Ilana Drukker, Hannah Friedman, Annelien Kisch, Beate Zilversmidt

Expected also, a group of Dutch internationals active as human rights observers etc. on the West Bank

Contact: 054-2340750

FYI: the “Hatikva Conference” invitation – in Hebrew:

See also the statement of Dutch nationals who are to join the demonstration in Tel-Aviv – involved with Palestinian communities in occupied territory:

GEERT WILDERS IN THE SACK* Dutch citizens and their supporters working among Palestinian communities in the West Bank and Israel will participate in a demonstration against the visit of Dutch politician Geert Wilders, Sunday 5 December, to Tel Aviv. We join a group of former Dutch citizens active in Israeli peace and human rights groups.

In the company of the most right-wing political groups in Israel, which resist any form of Palestinian self-determination, Wilders calls for a kind of silent transfer of Palestinians to Jordan. His Islamophobia and uncritical attitude towards Israel add only fuel to the flames in the West Bank and East-Jerusalem where fanatic settlers resist any form of peace agreement or protection of human rights of Palestinians.

The last thing needed here is a Wilders who comes to express support to such groups. In reference to the St Nicholas feast in Holland on December 5, we will ask St Nicholas to put Wilders in the “sack.” Instead of Wilders’ interference, we call for effective Dutch pressure on Israel to end the occupation of the West Bank and the continuing siege of Gaza in accordance with international law.

The initiative is of Dutch citizens and their sympathizers who are committed to peace- and development work among Palestinians in the West Bank, East-Jerusalem and Israel.

Coordinator of (this part of) the action is Fabienne van Eck (East-Jerusalem) en spokesperson Toine van Teeffelen (Bethlehem).

*This is a reference to the Dutch St Nicholas feast, held December 5, during which it can happen, among other more fortunate events, that “naughty children” are put in “the sack.”

Contact: 0522-789156 or 054-7220926.


Contact the Israeli initiators: +972-54-2340750

2 thoughts on “Israelis demonstrate against Dutch xenophobe Wilders

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    Germany: Suspected right-wing extremists firebombed an Iranian Islamic cultural centre in Berlin’s Tempelhof neighbourhood this morning – the sixth arson attack on Muslim institutions in the capital this year.

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    The Knesset’s Labor, Welfare and Health Committee is discussing the issue. The workers’ representatives and the Histadrut trade union federation are calling for a state take-over.


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