Fungi and baby grebes

Today, to the nature reserve.

The bearded tooth mushroom near the entrance is brownish yellow now. See a photo of that species here,

Nuthatch sound.

The porcelain mushrooms and giant polypore are on their usual tree.

Sulphur tufts.

On the meadow, two Egyptian geese.

This is a video of a great crested grebe swimming underwater.

Near the white bridge, two adult great grebes with three still small young; one of them on a parent’s back, the other two swimming beside the adult, calling.

Great crested grebes often nest more than once a year,. I hope these three are not too late in the autumn to survive the winter.

Near the grebes, mallards, coots, and two gadwall ducks.

A female great spotted woodpecker high in a tree.

A jay.

Jays and waxwings in the Netherlands: here.

Scientists are starting to unravel the sex secrets of the black truffle, that rare and expensive delicacy, in hopes of making its cultivation easier: here.

3 thoughts on “Fungi and baby grebes

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