Police repression of European striking workers

The French government on Friday ordered CRS riot police to disperse workers occupying the strategic Fos-Lavéra oil depot near Marseille: here.

Strikes in France: here.

Paris airport running short on fuel: Fuel supply for the main airport is enough only for few more days: here.

This video from Greece says about itself:

Greeks protesting the country’s austerity measures have spread banners on the Acropolis urging Europeans to rise up. The demonstration took place as public sector workers were striking, ahead of a general walkout set for Wednesday.

Culture ministry workers employed at the Acropolis in Athens ended a three-day strike Friday, following brutal attacks by riot police: here.

Around 15,000 demonstrators marched through central Athens to the US embassy today to mark the anniversary of a 1973 student uprising that heralded the end of the US-backed military dictatorship then ruling Greece: here.

A million trade unionists marched past Rome’s Colosseum on Saturday in defence of the rights which the Berlusconi government and Fiat bosses are trying to water down as part of “deficit reduction” measures: here. And here.

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