Record-breaking humpback journey

This video is called Humpback Whale: Hunting Technique.

From the BBC:

Humpback whale swims a quarter of the world

By Victoria Gill
Science and nature reporter, BBC News

In a record-breaking journey, a female humpback whale has travelled across a quarter of the globe, a distance of at least 10,000km.

The event, reported in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, is the longest documented movement by a mammal.

Its voyage was also twice the distance that the whales typically migrate each season to new breeding grounds.

Scientists say the extreme behaviour shows how “flexible” these animals are.

Explore and adapt

The female whale was spotted and photographed twice – once at its regular breeding ground in Brazil, then later off the coast of Madagascar.

The shortest distance between these two locations is 9,800km.

See also here.

This is a video from Leiden, the Netherlands, about putting together a humpback whale skeleton.

USA: Food, water, shelter, and the freedom to roam—these are the fundamental needs of wildlife. Pronghorn and elk migrate between summer and winter ranges; grizzly bears travel from berry patches in valleys to white bark pine groves atop mountains; young wolverines set out from their maternal home range to find a territory of their own. WCS-North America’s Corridor Conservation Initiative aims to protect this basic need for wildlife by securing and interlinking crucial habitats. The initiative coordinates field-based research, outreach, and policy: here.

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