Millions of Johnson & Johnson lenses recalled

This video says about itself:

Johnson & Johnson has recalled over 40 infant and child medicines because of manufacturing deficiencies.

Not just salmonella eggs from the United States are recalled …

From Associated Press in the USA:

J&J recalls 1 Day Acuvue lenses

LATEST RECALL: Johnson & Johnson is recalling millions of 1 Day Acuvue TruEye contact lenses sold in Japan and 24 other countries in Asia and Europe.

THE PROBLEM: Some people complained the lenses caused stinging or pain. J&J says a piece of manufacturing equipment failed during the step when lenses are rinsed, leaving a residue.

It seems that J&J does not check lenses before selling them to people whose eyes they may hurt. Because J&J thinks hurting their profits is worse than hurting people’s eyes?

THE HISTORY: Since September, J&J has had eight other recalls of nonprescription medicines in the U.S, including children’s Tylenol and millions of bottles of other pain relievers and cold medicines. Congress and other federal officials are investigating.

4 thoughts on “Millions of Johnson & Johnson lenses recalled

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