Higher bonuses for Philips fat cats

This is a video of Greenpeace in the Netherlands, about Philips products dumped in Ghana and polluting the environment there.

From NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Bonuses at Philips rise significantly

Update: Monday, February 22, 2010, 13:02

The bosses of Philips are getting much higher bonuses. Eg, CEO Kleisterlee gets a bonus for 2009 of about 962,000 euros, more than four times the bonus for 2008. The annual report says so.

Kleisterlee will get more shares and options as well. His salary is 1.1 million euros. The other bosses of the electronics group will receive a substantial bonus as well.

See also here.

The European Metalworkers’ Federation (EMF) condemns the fact that Philip’s management is celebrating the company’s results by dishing out outrageous bonuses to management as revealed in the 2009 annual report: here.

Britain: Brown criticised over fat-cat tax exemptions: here.

1 thought on “Higher bonuses for Philips fat cats

  1. Call for EU to act on electronic waste

    Germany: Berlin called for tighter EU regulations on Thursday to prevent firms exporting potentially hazardous consumer electronic waste products to poor countries.

    Environment Minister Norbert Roettgen pointed to a study commissioned by his ministry which shows that over 155,000 tons of items such as computers and televisions containing potentially poisonous materials are shipped each year from Germany to the developing world.

    Hardware is often declared to be “still functioning” in order to get it out of the country for cheaper disposal and Berlin is pushing for tighter regulations at the EU level.



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